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Beautiful lighting is the key to a successful atmosphere at the heart of your home. Take the time to carefully choose lamps that will integrate perfectly into your living space and, above all, favor multiple small light sources rather than a powerful ceiling fixture to enlarge and highlight your room. But to succeed in this challenge, you need the right bulb... With all the information visible on bulb packaging, it can sometimes be difficult to navigate... At Filament, we explain everything so you can make the right choice and get the most out of your lighting fixtures.

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Who hasn't ever made a mistake with the socket when choosing a light bulb? E27, E14, GU10... There are many references, so be careful with the bulb you need. Know that at Filament, we only use E27 type bulbs 💡.


Incandescent or halogen bulbs should be banned. Choose an LED bulb that consumes much less energy and emits much less heat. The materials we use at Filament are sensitive to heat, which is why we ask you to use an LED bulb of less than 9 watts, for your wallet 💸 for the planet 🌏 and to ensure a long life for your Filament product ♾️ !

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The power of a light bulb is expressed in Watts (W). This only represents the electrical consumption of your light bulb, which means that at equal power, an LED bulb and a halogen bulb will never provide the same brightness.

Therefore, it is very difficult to get an idea of the output of a light bulb.

To measure the amount of light emitted by a light bulb, we use the unit Lumen (lm). So, it is this value that you should refer to before buying your light bulb. For a living room light, we recommend a bulb around 800 lumens, and for a bedside lamp, we recommend around 470 lumens.

For your information, an LED technology bulb with 806 lumens consumes about 7.5W, while a halogen technology bulb with 806 lumens consumes around 50W.


As we have seen previously, not all light bulbs are the same. They are classified by socket type, technology, power, but also by color temperature. Here, the unit of measurement is Kelvin (K), and the higher the value, the bluer the light will be. Generally, light bulbs range between 2000K (almost orange-white) and 6400K (almost blue-white).

For a warm living room ambiance, we recommend choosing a bulb around 2700K. For an ambiance that provides more clarity, you can opt for a color temperature of 5000K.

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Our recommendation is therefore to choose an LED bulb with an E27 socket type and a maximum power of 8W to avoid any deformation of your luminaire due to heat.

For a cozy living room, we suggest using a 2700K (warm white) bulb with a power of about 7 watts and 800 lumens.

For a bedside lamp, we suggest using a 2700K bulb with a power of about 4 watts and 470 lumens.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to provide you with an answer 💬.

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